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Semper Paratus - Always Ready

Coast Guard Aviation

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Images Vintage Aircraft
Insignia Air Station & Facility
Insignia AvDet & Aircraft  
Enlisted Naval Aviation Pilots
USCGC Northwind (WAGB-282) AvDets

Coast Guard Cutters

Cutter Images
Cutter Index 1946-Pres (4 pages)
Insignia Cutter WAGB_WAGx_WAL
Insignia Cutter WHEC_WMSL
Insignia Cutter WLx, WTx & WYx
Insignia Cutter WMEC
Insignia Cutter WPB
USCGC Ingham (WPG / WHEC-35)

Lucky Bag

Customs and Traditions
Eleven General Orders
Sea Service Firsts
Coast Guardsman Creed
Semper Paratus: (Words)
Coast Guardsman's Manual
Chaplain's Office


Good Reading
USCG Reading List

Coast Guard Bases and Stations

Insignia LORAN & Radio Station
Insignia Group, Base & Station
Insignia Misc Shore Commands

Coast Guard History

US Revenue Cutter Service

USRCS Officer Rosters 1791 - 1844
USRCS Officer Register July 1, 1892
USRCS Cutters and Crews - Images

US Life Saving Service

USLSS Stations and Personnel

World War Two

USCG Aircraft & Locations 7 Dec 1941
WW2 Facts
WW2 Images
WW2 Postal Location Codes
WW2 Cutter Losses
Recruiting Posters


ET School Staff - Dec 1965
Coast Guard Personnel

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